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Mobile Workforce Management

Introduction: What Is It?

Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) is an enterprise-scale business function that covers the creation, dispatch, and completion of work (scheduled or not) assigned to field personnel. The mobile workforce operates computing equipment that typically communicate over wireless networks (either public or private), often combined with Asset & Vehicle Location (AVL) technology (using GPS or other location-based service), for real-time status and location tracking. (See: telematics)

Also known as: "Field Service Management", "Mobile Resource Management", and "Mobile Workforce Automation".


Mobile workforce management solutions (MWFMS, MWMS, or mobile WFMS) cover a range of applications and markets. A number of vendors compete in such industries as:

  • Energy, water, and other utilities
  • Telecommunications and cable/broadband
  • Transportation (e.g., trucking, courier, freight)
  • Public safety
  • Taxi
  • Insurance
  • ... and other field service (e.g., installation, equipment servicing, and repairs).

In addition, "wireless enablement" allows an organization to add wireless (possibly, mobile) capabilities to an existing enterprise application.