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About Anthon Pang

Founder / Software Developer / Consultant / Professional

Anthon Pang is a Software Developer/Consultant from Vancouver (British Columbia), now based in Mississauga/Toronto/GTA (Ontario). His diverse employment history includes six years at a leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions -- participating in every phase of the software development life cycle, from conception and requirements to deployment and post-implementation maintenance -- to earlier stints in accounting, sales support, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and embedded systems development.

Anthon thrives in tackling the software development challenges presented in balancing people, process, and technology. He has undertaken a variety of roles and positions in product development, project implementation, and customer support of large-scale solutions on UNIX® and Windows® platforms. He holds a Diploma of Technology in Computer Systems Technology and is a proponent for lifetime learning.

A member of ACM and IEEE-CS, Anthon advocates and supports professional development, leadership, and quality improvement. An avid reader, Anthon draws on the collective wisdom and experience imparted by the experts in their fields.

As a technologist, Anthon has been programming for the past 20 years, picking up a number of languages along the way -- both high-level and low-level, interpreted and compiled -- including: BASIC, 65xx assembly, Logo, Pascal, Modula-2, C, Perl, 680x0 assembly, C++, COBOL, SQL, Visual Basic®, VBScript, 80x86 assembly, Java™, JavaScript™, and PHP. Not surprising, he recalls compiler design as his favorite computer science course.

Anthon's software development interests include design patterns, antipatterns, configuration management, agile methods, methodology tuning, and software quality. He hunts bugs with a vengeance, contributes to open source software development, and uses both Linux® and Windows XP in his daily work.