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What's New at Software Development Canada?

Name Summary
iPhone Web Application Development Comparison of iPhone Web Application Development Libraries/Frameworks
Land Sales (Ontario) Upcoming land sales as published in the Ontario Gazette. (Keywords: screen scraping, data mining, PDF to text.)
Web Page Ranking Identify a web page's position in search results. (Keywords: AJAX, xajax, SEO, search engine optimization.)
VOIP Comparison of Voice Over IP offerings in Canada.
CAPTCHAs Comparison of open source CAPTCHA solutions.
The Deadline Review: A novel about project management.
Large-Scale C++ Software Design Review: The logical and physical design concepts in developing a large-scale software system in C++.
Professional Organizations The leading professional organizations of interest to software development and IT professionals.
Domain Name Services Robocoder's recommendations for domain name service providers
wxTestRunner Patch: wxWidgets/wxWindows port of CppUnit GUI test runner
About Face Review: The essentials of user interface design.
Operating System Releases FYI: Release history and end of service/support dates for various operating systems.
Quality Is Free Review: The art of making quality certain.
Quality Without Tears Review: The art of hassle-free management.
The Art of War Review: The classic work on military strategy.
Professional Software Development Preview: The successor to "After the Gold Rush".
Test-Driven Development Review: Techniques to easily and dramatically increase quality.
Software Configuration Management Patterns Review: Light processes and workflow for more effective SCM.
The Humane Interface Review: Designing more usable human-machine interfaces.
Lessons Learned in Software Testing Review: 293 lessons in the context-driven software testing approach.
Taiko Review: War and glory in feudal Japan.
Agile Software Development Review: Improve quality and have more productive teams.
Debugging Review: Nine indispensable rules to solving software/hardware problems.
Software Development on a Leash Review: Architecture-centric software development through metadata-driven, capability rich frameworks.
Software Reviews Paper: A presentation overview of inspections, walkthroughs, and reviews.
What is a bug? Paper: Examines usage and formal definitions of bugs, errors, and defects.